Hello from efelle's Support Team!

This article covers how to add third-party scripts to your website in the Fusion v4 application, such as tracking codes, chatbots, or other third-party code. If this process does not work for you, or if you run into any problems adding third-party scripts, please let us know by submitting a support ticket and we would be happy to help! 

Many tracking and analytics websites such as Bing, Facebook, Google and others require a snippet of code or a tracking pixel to the added to all pages of a website, usually at the start of the <body> or end of the <head> tags. For the most part, these snippets or pixels can be added to your site from the FusionCMS platform, without involvement from an efelle developer. To start, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your account on MyFusionCMS.com
  2. In the left hand menu, select "SEO Includes"
  3. Under the "Search Engine Optimization" header on this page, there will be a list titled "SEARCH ENGINE INCLUDE FILES" Click the "Add Include" button under this list. 
  4. Add a title to this new item, and select an option under the "Include Type" select box. This value is only used for internal reference, and is usually left on the "Google" value, regardless of the actual content.
  5. Paste the tracking code or snippet provided by the tracking program into the "Include Code" box
  6. Choose the requested location under the "On-page location" field. This will usually need to be "End of page header" or "Start of body," but some services may request to be placed at "End of body"
  7. In the "Add include to" field, select which pages the code or pixel should be added to. This will usually be "All Pages," though other options are available in this list.
  8. To save, click the "Add Include" button at the bottom of the page. 

At this point, the code should be added to the requested location and page!