Happy Holidays from the efelle creative team! Moving into the 2023 holiday schedule, efelle will have reduced and modified office hours as our staff travel to be with friends and family. 

We will be in the office during our normal hours through Monday, December 23rd. Team members will have limited access to email and messaging systems on Monday, December 25th and Tuesday, December 26th, and again on Monday, January 1st and Tuesday, January 2nd. We will then be returning to normal office hours starting on Wenesday, January 3rd.

During these reduced hours, we will continue to monitor incoming emails and support tickets and work on any critical requests that arise.

For any emergency items that require immediate attention, such as issues that prevent successful customer checkout, problems relating to major display problems on important areas of your site, or other mission-critical bugs, please submit a ticket with the emergency priority set, which will ensure that our support team is notified of your ticket. For other requests that do not meet these criteria, we ask that this priority not be set to ensure that the correct attention can be given where needed. We appreciate your understanding as we may not be able to respond to non-emergency inquiries until we resume normal business hours.

If you have an issue with a third-party tool used by your website, please contact that provider using the information found below:

BigCommerce - 1-888-699-8911 - More contact options available by selecting the Contact button in the top right

ShipStation - Log in to contact

Thank you, and happy holidays from all of us on the efelle team!